The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020

25 companies – role models that create
the Business Map of Sustainable Development in our country

The inclusion of companies in the Greek business leadership team is the highest distinction of Sustainable Development!

These are the companies that form the selected business representatives of Responsible Entrepreneurship and are at the same time the country’s "Sustainability Ambassadors" abroad.

Supreme Jury

The technical evaluation of the performance of the companies that have been included in the Sustainability Performance Directory is done by the technical committees of QualityNet and the audit companies. The final saying for the evaluation and ranking comes for the Supreme Jury. The members are:

Evaluation Criteria

Taking into account the holistic approach of the issues of Sustainable Development and based on the methodology of the Sustainability Performance Directory, the companies are evaluated in three areas.


The initiatives and actions they develop to support the 5 thematic Pillars of Sustainable Development (Governance, Market, Environment, and Society Partnerships) and the development of dialogue with all their stakeholders and the Greek society through the Bravo dialogue institution.


The policies and procedures that they apply in their systemic approach to the responsible operation and information of ESG (environment, social, governance) through the completion of the criteria of the HELLENIC SUSTAINABILITY CODE.


Disclosure of their non-financial data.

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