The Sustainability Performance Directory's objective is to create a Business Indicator for Sustainable Development. It supports Greek companies in responding to the new landscape created by the regulatory framework presently in force, taking into account the disclosure of non-financial information arising from their business activity for securing more favourable financing from Banks and Investors, for their integration into Responsible Networks of Suppliers, and for labelling sustainable companies so they gain recognition from consumers.

Highlighting of

The 21 companies that succeeded in joining the leading group of top-notch players on the Greek business scene can play an important role in shaping the new development model that is directly linked to the competitiveness of Greek companies and attracting investments. They can also serve as examples of good business practices and further affect, through their Network of Clients/Suppliers, the wider maturation of the Greek market with regard to adoption of sustainable development models.
The Sustainability Performance Directory
ranks/highlights ALL the participating companies on three levels:



Georgios Skotidas

Vice Chairman & CEO PAEGAE

«PAEGAE, which holds a leading position in the supply chain sector, approaches entrepreneurship with a sense of accountability and transparency, recognizing the impact of its activity on the sector and the market in general.
We are implementing a plan of action based on corporate responsibility that is aimed at the company’s economic development and sustainability.
The Management team and the employees of PAEGAE remain faithful to the principles and values of its designated corporate social responsibility in formulating and implementing the company’s sustainability plan.»


Pinelopi Pagoni

Senior Director of Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainable Development of the Hellenic Petroleum S.A. Group

«At the Hellenic Petroleum Group, since 2004, sustainable development has constituted a strategic choice and method of operation for achieving business objectives, responding to the growing needs and demands of society, and protecting the environment.
Recognising the significant effect of good sustainable-development practices on the chain of suppliers and our consumers, we are committed to strengthening these through the Sustainable Performance Directory as well."


Yiannis Kantoros

Chief Executive Officer of the INTERAMERICAN Group

«In an age of great demands for achieving business growth, in conjunction with social balance and prosperity, a new contractual relationship of mutual benefit, respect, and trust between businesses and society is necessary. For this reason, by creating Value for all Stockholders, INTERAMERICAN, from a position of responsibility, faithfully adheres to the Greek Sustainability Code.»


Alexandros Katsiamboulas

Director of Environment, Quality & Sustainable Development of the Greek Cement Sector of the TITAN Group

«In Titan’s 115 years of history, we have constantly strived to make a positive difference for people, society and the environment through an effective partnership with stakeholders. Practical recognition of our efforts also includes the incorporation of our company into the group of 21 pioneering Greek companies that actively promote this new model for growth through their supply chain.»


Despina Chamilaki

Head of Environmental & Social Affairs for Sustainable Development of the EUROBANK ERGASIAS S.A. Group

«Sustainable development is an integral part of Eurobank's corporate culture and is implemented in all aspects of our activity. Eurobank supports the economy, manages its impact on the environment and society, while at the same time it encourages all its stakeholders to adopt best environmental and social practices.»


Konstantina Deliargiri

Corporate Communications & CSR, Ηead of CSR LIDL HELLAS & Co. O.E.

«At Lidl Hellas, the concept of sustainable development is intertwined with our corporate culture. It is a vision as well as a business philosophy. For Lidl Hellas, sustainability acts as a current of total responsibility. At the same time, it is also a network of interaction that positively affects our entire network of stakeholders; in other words, society as a whole.»


Christos Georgakopoulos

Chief Executive Officer EUROPEAN RELIANCE General Insurance Company

«European Reliance is committed to the continuous and consistent implementation of policies and actions for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Moreover, these policies have characterised its operation for 40 consecutive years. Further, it is committed to doing whatever is required for the adoption of these policies on the part of its staff of 5,500 employees».


Dimitris Dimitriadis

Vice President & Managing |Director of HELLAS GOLD

«At Hellas Gold, we approach all of our operational issues based on human factors. Our people are at the heart of all of our activities. Through our activities, we aim to optimize all indicators of sustainable development for our employees as well as our business partners, suppliers, and the wider society of Central Macedonia.»


Dimitris Giannakopoulos,

Vice-Chairman BoD & Deputy CEO VIANEX S.A.

«The adoption of the sustainable development goals is crucial for entrepreneurship today and in the future. The Sustainable Greece initiative comes to systematise all these efforts that have been made by companies such as VIANEX, so that our activities will leave a positive imprint on society.»


Antonis Karokis,

External Affairs Director MSD GREECE

«As one of the Top Sustainable Companies, it is an honour, responsibility, and commitment on the part of the MSD Greece to continue the actions for sustainable development and to implement our vision: We are focused on improving the health of the population, and we are attempting to make sustainable development a responsibility for everybody.»


Andreas Kartapanis,


«The HYGEIA Group implements Sustainable Development policies in the strategic planning of all of its hospitals and companies, as we believe that the growth of the Group in general is inextricably linked to society, the environment, employees, and the national economy.
Fully aware of the 'sensitive' nature of the industry in which we are active, we have made a commitment to all of our shareholders that all of us at the HYGEIA Group will continue to approach Sustainable Development issues responsibly.»


Athanasios Kefalas,


«Sustainable development is the key component of our business strategy. We seriously take into account the effects that our operations may have on clients, employees, suppliers, the natural environment, and local communities. We act as responsible corporate citizens and strive for continuous improvement by setting ambitious goals (e.g., reduction in CO2 emissions, increase in water recycling, systematic improvement of safety at work).»


Athanasios Polychronopoulos,

Vice President of International Development POLYECO S.A.

«It is a goal and a commitment on the part of the Management of our company, POLYECO SA, to continue the holistic approach to issues of Sustainable Development and to support tools such as the SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE DIRECTORY for the broader awareness/education of its network of suppliers and clients as well as attraction of investments, as examples of innovative business practice.»


Sofia Daskalaki-Mytilineou,

Special Advisor to the CEO, BoD MEMBER MYTILINEΟS

«The inclusion of MYTILINEΟS in the group of 'Sustainability Leaders 2017,' is solid proof of the fact that we are, after 10 years of systematic effort, on the right path of Responsible Development, but it is mainly an incentive for the future, so that we can move forward with renewed governance and a new operational structure, more methodically and more effectively, in the direction of promoting sustainable practices at all stages of our value chain.»


Georgios Papadimitriou,

Head of Renewables Energies Rest of Europe and North Africa ENEL GREEN POWER HELLAS Α.Ε.

«Enel Green Power Hellas, as a company that is active exclusively in the sector of RES, is by definition a vehicle of sustainability; nonetheless, it is not limited to this, but makes sure to incorporate sustainable practices into all of its daily activities, focused always on moral integrity.»


Evi Ioannidou,

Head of Communications & P.R., HERACLES Group, LafargeHolcim Greece

«The basic principle of the HERACLES group is growth with responsibility and sustainability, adding value to all stakeholders. We are committed, with priority placed on Health & Safety, to operating while respecting nature, water, society. At the same time, we will continue to raise awareness and educate our partners through tools such as the Sustainability Performance Directory.»


Efi Koutsoureli,

Vice-Chairman BoD of Quest Holdings SA and Chairman of the CSR Committee of QUEST HOLDINGS S.A.

«The Quest Group, faithful to the Vision of Sustainable Development, which is summed up by the ternion “Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship,” declares its commitment to continue to work in this direction, contributing to the work of organisations that serve Sustainable Development with tools such as the Sustainability Performance Directory for the progress of the market, society, and the country.»


Dimitris Kyriakopoulos,

Vice-Chairman, executive member BoD ElvalHalcor S.A.

«ΗOur business strategy is aimed at strengthening the leading position of ElvalHalcor in the fields of aluminium and copper, driven by sustainable development. We have chosen to operate and grow by adhering to principles and responsible practices for healthy business. We therefore feel that the key factors in achieving success are the promotion and dissemination of issues of sustainable development to our entire supply chain.»


Deppie Tzimea,

Executive Director of Business Communications of the OTE Group

«The inclusion of the OTE Group as a Sustainability Leader in the Sustainability Performance Directory is directly related to the business model of sustainable development that it enforces and that creates strong relationships of trust with clients, investors, employees, and all stakeholders. With this relationship of trust as a springboard, and with technology and innovation in the modern Digital Age as a vehicle, we actively contribute to the creation of a better world for everybody.»


Antonis Tzortzakakis,

Chief Officer of Fixed Line & B2B at WIND HELLAS

«As WIND is not a local branch/subsidiary of a multinational group that simply implements the sustainability framework as part of a global plan, our initiatives, related efforts, and our full compliance with the sustainability code represent the embodiment of the common vision on the part of management and employees for doing business responsibly.»


Ioanna Sapountzi,

Head of Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility of the NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE Bank & Group

The National Bank of Greece, over the course of 176 years since its founding in 1841, has always adopted high standards of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, historically supporting the Greek economy as well as the societies in which it is active.
Our inclusion in the group of MOSTS SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES is a great honour and joy for us, especially because it rewards our efforts and our strategy towards sustainable development. In this context, it is our goal and our commitment to mobilise our stakeholders in this direction through the adoption of “best practices" and internationally recognized standards for sustainable development."


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QualityNet Foundation

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The Link between Sustainable Development and
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All companies that stand out as THE MOST SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES IN GREECE will receive a special label that they can use for all their business.

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